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History of Soccergolf

When and where is the origin of this game from?
Soccergolf is a very new game of which the exact origins are unclear. The origin of golf is open to debate as to being Swedish or from USA.

However, the most accepted soccergolf history theory is that this sport originated from Sweden in the 1980s.

World Popularity

In 2007 there were nearly 40 golf courses in the world,
approximately more than a half of them in Scandinavia.

You can find a varierty of Soccergolf-Courses in Sweden.
Additional courses exist in the Norway and in Denmark.

The first Soccergolf course in Germany was opened 2006 in Dirmstein.

The first Soccergolf organization founded itself in Taufkirchen/Pram (AUT) in 2007.